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How does the June 2024 Ukraine peace summit hope to achieve peace, if Russia is not invited?

There's going to be a peace summit in Switzerland in June 2024 to "conduct high-level discussion on a 'comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine' in the context of international law and ...
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Why don't Western countries confiscate frozen Russian assets? [duplicate]

As reported by euromaiden, it seems this G7 summit will produce an agreement to use the investment profits of the frozen Russian assets, commonly said to be around us$330 billion, for the purpose of ...
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Has there ever been arms supply with restrictions attached prior to the current war in Ukraine?

The tactical strings attached to Western armament help to Ukraine, i.e., the Ukraine not being "allowed" to hit targets on Russian soil using Western-supplied long-range weapons, has been ...
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How did Russia manage to get $300 billion of assets trapped in the West? [duplicate]

G7 aims to use frozen Russian assets to help 'desperate' Ukraine STRESA, Italy May 25 (Reuters) - The G7 will explore ways to use the future income from frozen Russian assets to boost funding for war-...
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Have any western governments asked Ukraine to commit to a specific deadline where the elections would have to be held anyway?

Volodymir Zelensky's presidential mandate has formally expired on May 19, but he remains the president and no new presidential elections were held. This is in accordance with the country's constitute ...
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Why does the USA ask NATO partners to donate Patriot missile systems to Ukraine and not donate them itself?

Why does the USA ask NATO partners to donate Patriot missile systems to Ukraine and not donate them itself? The Pentagon says it will "rush" Patriot air defence missiles and artillery ...
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Are there notable Western politicians who endorse the idea that Ukraine can last until Russia runs out of tanks?

That Russia will run out of tanks in 3 years tops [at the current rates of attrition and production/refurbishment] is an idea that's found in some Western sources, be they journalists or think tanks. ...
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How much of the components of Ukranian aid from the US is unconditionally free, with conditions and a simple long-term loan?

Apparently, while Biden did sign a Lend-Lease act specifically for Ukraine (which is like a long-term loan that needs to be repaid), he instead mainly used other US programs to supply economic and ...
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Is the US acknowledging that it's losing some leverage over Ukraine by cutting off aid?

There's this quote from Ukrainian FM Kuleba doing the rounds on social media, essentially talking about a quid-pro-quo: more Patriots in exchange for less attacks on Russian oil infrastructure (which ...
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Why is Europe (at least France and the UK) less dovish than the US administration on Ukraine striking Russian oil refineries?

WaPo writes about the diverging views between Europe and the Biden administration on the conduct of the war by Ukraine, in re the Russian oil refineries: When Vice President Harris met privately with ...
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Why is there increased fear of Russia's attack against Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia after the invasion of Ukraine started?

Many fear that Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia states will be attacked next if Russia succeeds in Ukraine. But why was there no such fear before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine? Is Russia supposed to ...
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Why has Russia made surprisingly little use of its Air Force in the Russo-Ukrainian war?

Russia has vastly more warplanes than Ukraine does, and its warplanes have suffered only comparatively light casualties in the Russo-Ukrainian war. And, NATO forces have not been willing to put their ...
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How can a military exercise on the Black Sea happen with a closed Bosporus?

Romania holds a NATO naval military exercise on the Black Sea. However, exactly the same war made also Turkey to close the Bosporus before military ships. How can this exercise then happen? Afaik ...
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