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Is there any example of anonymous voting within a congress or senate in the US or another modern country? [duplicate]

I was just thinking how general elections are designed to give citizens anonymity yet votes in congress and the senate appear to be the opposite, they are required to be public. Has it ever occurred ...
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How do US states maintain a secret ballot using Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail?

How have US states implemented Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail in their voting systems? In particular, how is the secrecy of votes insured? I note that it would be compromised if bulletins where ...
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Why are congressional votes not secret?

In general, a person in the United States has the right to vote. As far as I can tell, this vote is private—no one else knows who you voted for. Why are the votes in congress public? Wouldn't it help ...
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Are there proposals for preserving ballot secrecy when a candidate scores 100% in a very small polling station?

In the 2020 United States Presidential Election in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, Joe Biden received 5 votes and Donald Trump received 0 votes. Biden received 100% of votes cast. In the 2016 United ...
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Ballot Secrecy - is it a Voter's Privilege or a Voter's Obligation?

Specifically with regard to the secrecy of a voter's own ballot, is that a voter's privilege or does a voter have an obligation to keep his ballot secret? The various states have provided mechanisms ...
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How often did the European Parliament use its optional secret ballot rule?

According to Wikipedia: If at least 20% of the Parliament requests it before voting begins, the vote will be taken by secret ballot. Citing (the 2nd para of) EP Rule 169, which is actually a bit ...
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Why is the Speaker of the House of Commons (UK) elected by secret ballot?

In the UK, parliamentary votes are usually public, so that MPs remain accountable for their actions. Since 2009, votes to choose the Speaker of the House of Commons have been taken by secret ballot. I ...
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Could the Senate legally hold an impeachment conviction vote in secret?

Recently, a GOP consultant became famous for saying that if the Senate held this vote in secret, at 30 Republican senators would vote to convict Trump on impeachment charges. I am wondering if the ...
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What European countries have secret voting within the Legislature?

Most, if not all, democratic countries in Europe elect representatives to the national legislature by some form of secret ballot. For example the UK uses secret election on the first-past-the-post ...
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Who voted for anonymity in the vote on transparency in the European Parliament?

Today the 31st of January 2019 there was a vote in the European Parliament on the topic of transparency with regards to contacts with lobbyists (link in swedish). This vote was decided to be cast ...
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Why are electoral college votes not secret?

In the United States, the general population votes for a president with secret ballots. However, the electoral college votes aren't secret and because of that, we know which person is a "faithless ...
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