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Questions about the US Secret Service, which provides certain protective services for certain dignitaries and protects the integrity of the US currency. Use with the [united-states] tag. For organizations within a government that act in secret, see [intelligence-service].

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Secret Service Safeguards for Incarcerated Ex-U.S. Presidents

Under the provisions of the Former Presidents Act (FPA), what legal precedents or existing laws determine Secret Service protection for former U.S. presidents during incarceration periods? How do the ...
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Unusual for a US Secret Service official to also be "a political adviser at the White House"? (Washington Post)

The Washington Post's April 23, 2022 Meadows was warned of violence ahead of Jan. 6, new court filings show includes: One of Meadows’s top aides, Cassidy Hutchinson, told congressional investigators ...
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Does the Secret Service consider Curse of Tippecanoe a threat to President-elect Biden? [closed]

The Curse of Tippecanoe is the belief that US presidents who were elected in years that are evenly divisible by 20 are under threat of (violent) death in office. Despite it is only a belief that ...
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Has Biden or his staff/selectees discussed plans of how to handle the physical White House and Secret Service, re: COVID?

By this, I don't mean how the President-Elect plans to handle COVID, big-picture, but rather how he and his staff are planning on dealing with the actual physical White House, the West Wing and the ...
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Can the Secret Service be fired by the President?

Can a sitting American President hire and/or fire members of the Secret Service at his discretion? Or could the entire Secret Service be abolished or replaced if the President wanted to?
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Do the duties of the Secret Service extend to investigating allegations against a White House Medical team member?

Today, President Trump tweeted, Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false. The Secret Service is unable to confirm (in fact they deny) any of the ...
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How are secret service agents expected to respond if the POTUS attacks someone? [closed]

One of the US secret service's primary duties is to provide protection to the POTUS, but what if the POTUS were to become homicidal and take an unprovoked violent action against an apparently non-...
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Where do Secret Service names come from?

"Secret Service name". For Clinton it is "Evergreen" and for Trump it is "Mogul". Questions: Who gives these names? For me the phrase "Evergreen" has more positive sense than "Mogul". But I ...
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