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Questions tagged [secularism]

Questions relating to the indifference to religious considerations relating to politics.

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Did any high-level French politician come out against the burkini ban in public swimming pools?

As far as I can tell the Macron government and National Rally (Le Pen) have been against the burkini (thus calling for the ban). The high-profile left-wing candidates appear to have been very good at ...
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3 votes
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Reasons behind selective filtering of immigrants by India

The president of the ruling party (BJP) promised during election campaigning that only refugees belonging to Hindu, Sikh and Buddha will be allowed into India. The government also seems to be thinking ...
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(Why) did the central French government deem the lifting of the burkini ban in Grenoble but not in Rennes an "unacceptable provocation"?

Unless the VOA is mistaken, Rennes lifted their public-swimming pools burkini ban a few years ago (seemingly in 2019) without causing much outcry. A few years ago, local authorities quietly changed ...
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