Questions tagged [seventeenth-amendment]

Use this tag for questions related directly to the 17th amendment to the United States Constitution or issues arising from it. The 17th amendment is best known for instituting the popular election of Senators.

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Why did issues about rural district representation not concern framers of the 17th amendment?

Background In the United States, the 17th amendment changed the election of senators from state legislatures to the popular vote: Amendment XVII The Senate of the United States shall be ...
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Is there precedent for a losing candidate to be appointed to the Senate shortly after the election?

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently appointed Martha McSally, the losing candidate in the 2018 Senate election, to the state's other Senate seat. Is there any precedent since 19131 for a Senate ...
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Is it possible for a senator to appoint a surrogate to act on their behalf?

Could a lawmaker, like senator John McCain, select someone to assume their duties while they are incapacitated?
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