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Questions tagged [singapore]

Questions related to the politics or government regarding the Republic of Singapore.

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Why do Singapore leaders earn so much more compared to others?

German Bundestag members earn the equivalent of $186,859 annually, while members of Italy’s Camera dei deputati take home $184,095 per year. When it comes to world leaders, Singapore still comes out ...
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What does it mean for Singapore to be pragmatic?

As a Singaporean, one of the things I've learned is that our governance is pragmatic. I assume that this means we do not care about particular ideologies, but rather whatever gets "things" ...
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What were Iswaran's 9 dropped charges and why were they dropped?

In January 2024, Singaporean politician S. Iswaran resigned after being charged with corruption. The Straits Times (2024-01-18): [Iswaran's defence lawyer Davinder Singh] said cautioned statements ...
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Does Singapore coordinate the censorship of the internet and traditional media, and how?

The MDA requires importers to "ensure that the publications/ audio materials brought in for distribution do not feature content which could be considered objectionable on moral, racial or ...
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If harsh punishment does not deter crime, what explains Lee Kuan Yew's observations during WW2?

Source Second, [Lee Kuan Yew] learned that fear of brutal punishment can deter crime: The Japanese Military Administration governed by spreading fear. It put up no pretence of civilised behaviour. ...
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Why is Singapore placed so low in the democracy index?

Singapore has one of the lowest scores in the democracy index among OECD developed countries. It has always been. Why is that?
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Why is Singapore currently considered to be a dictatorial regime and a multi-party democracy by different publications?

The 2011 parliamentary election clearly demonstrated that Singapore has transformed into a competitive authoritarian regime. Not only did the ruling People’s Action Party’s share of the popular vote ...
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Could a government make so much money from investments they can stop charging taxes?

(Not sure if this should rather be on the Economics SE) Inspired by the following paragraph from this article. Singapore — one of only 11 countries in the world with the coveted AAA sovereign rating —...
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Why does Singapore criminalize abortion for foreigners?

According to AWARE Singapore, foreigners can only get an abortion in Singapore if they meet certain conditions: Foreigners are only eligible for abortion in Singapore if they meet one of the ...
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Why does Singapore's PAP win almost all elections?

In Democracy, we have the median voter theorem. Hence, we expect elections to be won 50% of the time (in case winners take all). The issue is not whose party is better. The issue is that when someone ...
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Why was Singapore chosen to host the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

What is the reasoning for choosing Singapore to host the North Korea–United States summit? There are many other neutral places as far as I can tell, e.g. Japan. So why Singapore, of all places?
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Has any countries used an Elected Presidency scheme in which candidates may be restricted to a particular racial group?

Singapore will be having its Presidential Election later this year. Recently, there have been constitutional amendments to change the Elected Presidency scheme to a "Reserved Election" ...
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Are there currently, or have there ever been any 'white' members of Singapore's People's Action Party(PAP)?

Historically, ethnicity seems to have been a sensitive issue in Singapore, one that its founding fathers have struggled with, according to various historical sources. Today, Singapore is a successful ...
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