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In countries using Single Transferable Vote, how are voting results presented?

In electoral systems based on parties, it is easy to publish the results: it is sufficient to publish the number of votes each party received. These numbers contain all the information that is needed ...
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Does Ireland's single-transferable vote (STV) system weaken party discipline?

Ireland uses single-transferable vote (STV) for pretty much all elections. I wonder if this voting system weakens party discipline, since candidates with strong local brand can theoretically quit the ...
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Is it possible to implement electoral threshold in single-transferable vote (STV) system?

While electoral threshold is quite common within party-list PR system, I'm curious whether it is possible to implement something similar within single-transferable vote (STV) system. The problem is of ...
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Difference between RCV and STV

My question is about de difference between RCV and STV. If I am correct they are both voting systems where you are selecting multiple candidates and where the candidate with the lowest amount of votes ...
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Why does the French presidential election system use two first-past-the-post rounds instead of a single preference-based voting round? [duplicate]

France has a system where presidential elections are decided on a first past the post (FPTP) electoral arrangement, whereby if no candidate wins 50% in the first round (someone winning in the 1st ...
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Does Meek STV Incentivise Strategic Voting?

I have recently looked at the explanation of the Meek Single Transferable Vote method of elections, and it seems like it's a rather multi-step algorithm. Now, a major reason for STV systems seems to ...
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Is this variant of STV used anywhere else?

In the rules of a political party in my (U.S.) state, a procedure for intra-party elections in which multiple positions are to be filled is described which is clearly a variant of the single ...
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Can this paradox happen in single transferable vote?

Suppose we conduct a single transferable vote election and everyone has given their ranked preference of candidates. If we use these votes to elect three candidates, we get candidates A, B, and C. If ...
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With a single transferable vote, how are the transfers selected?

With a single transferable vote, when a candidate's votes exceed the quota, the remaining votes are transferred to the next ranking candidate on each of the excess ballots. However, how is it decided ...
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How long does it take to count votes in different voting systems?

In the UK (which uses first-past-the-post voting) the results of elections are usually declared the next day. If the UK (or any other country) switched to single transferable vote or instant-runoff ...
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Presidential Election via STV?

STV when talking about voting systems stands for Single Transferable Vote. Is it even possible to fairly elect a president via STV? Representatives, yes, but a president? Here is what I think would ...
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STV - what happens if I miss a number?

I live in the UK, and in the first of two elections I will be participating this year (local government), there will be a single transferable vote system. I get that I should probably rank all the ...
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Is this a good way to count Single Transferable Vote ballots?

I've been asked by my employer to create an online voting system for internal elections (e.g. board of directors). Our bylaws dictate that we need to use STV. I wasn't satisfied with the existing ...
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What are the pros and cons of only voting for first choice in SE moderator elections?

As a reminder, StackExchange moderator elections are modified STV. Is there a benefit, or a downside, for picking only the first of 3 choices when voting in a site election? In which situations ...
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In Single Transferable Vote elections, how bad is it to have a lot of wasted votes and 1+ candidates with low keep factors?

I'm using OpenSTV's terminology for (Meek) single transferable voting, if it matters: "keep factor" is the percentage of votes for a winning candidate that are necessary to elect them (the remaining ...
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