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Questions relating to the government or politics of the Republic of Slovenia.

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How are the Polish, Czech and Slovenian PMs going to travel to Kyiv without getting harmed?

Czech, Polish, Slovenian PMs visiting Kyiv to meet Zelenskiy How do the Czech/Polish/Slovenian PMs know their transport isn't going to be attacked? They are after all going through a war zone. Only ...
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How does Slovenia justify its 198-km border fence with Croatia, seemingly built after Croatia acceded to the EU?

Looking at a FRA summary table of fences around the EU... I couldn't help but notice that EU-member Slovenia seems to have built a fence with EU-member Croatia, after the accession date of Croatia (...
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What are the practical effects of the Slovenian government declaring the end of the COVID-19 epidemic?

This article from the Slovenian Press Agency published Thursday night states (in Slovenian) that The government has canceled the epidemic and lifted quarantine at border crossings At tonight's ...
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