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Confused about the term 'Bourgeoisie'!

Bourgeoisie is defined by, the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes As refer to Google define, Here, I see it actually means the ...
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What is the relationship between communism and 'a classless system'?

The definition of Communism: Communism is a political and economic ideology that positions itself in opposition to liberal democracy and capitalism, advocating instead a classless system in which the ...
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Has the increased ability of Chinese citizens to travel led to an increased demand for political reform?

According to this article, which presents data from the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute & the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, annual Chinese overseas visits have increased by ...
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How does nobility status affect modern Britain's social and power structures?

Unlike most other European countries, Britain had no noble-destroying revolutions in history, so its noble class appears to be present. But are there limits based on noble/not noble in modern Britain? ...
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2 answers

Who coined the term "precariat"?

Until recently I was under the impression that it is a recent term based on the works of Guy Standing. All publications (currently) cited in the Wikipedia page on the topic are from 2010 or newer. But ...
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3 answers

For what stated reasons (not opinion) is classical communism antagonistic towards the bourgeoisie more than the aristocracy?

I am not extremely familiar with the intricacies of Marxist ideology but many of these articles seem to suggest that classical Communist ideology perceives the bourgeoisie as the 'real enemy of the ...
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3 answers

Private ownership of productive resources as basis for existence of social classes?

In page 40 of this book I read the following: Scholars of all persuasions now recognize that private ownership of productive resources is the basis of the existence of social classes. This view ...
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