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The retirement and disability program of the United States of America. May be used for similar programs in other countries. Not for use with questions unrelated to retirement or disability that might involve some kind of security.

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social security vs debt ceiling [duplicate]

If social security funds are held in a trust fund, why would not raising the debt ceiling impact social security payments? Wouldn't the trust fund be paying the beneficiaries from its reserves? At ...
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As of August 2020, are Social Security Offices in the US closed due to COVID-19?

Are all social security offices around the country (USA) closed? I can't find a clear answer. Also, if yes, why? In many states things are really up and running again.
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Are minorities in Pakistan excluded from social security schemes?

I came across this article today: Poor and desperate, Pakistani Hindus accept Islam to get by and my question is inspired from that article. It was suggested to include non-Indian sources. Here is one ...
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How can European states have a sustainable retirement system since deteriorating health is associated with the increasing retirement age [closed]

As far as I know, especially across Europe, the retirement age is increasing due to low birth rates and population ageing, the current pension system being unsustainable in this situation. But this ...
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How does social security in Iran work and how good are the services it provides? [closed]

I read that Iran provides every citizen with social security covering unemployment, old age, disability, accidents, calamities, health and medical treatment and care services that is required by the ...
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Isn't Social Security set up as a Pension Fund as opposed to a Direct Transfers Scheme?

In the United States, the benefits you receive from Social Security when you retire, is more or less proportional to the amount contributed to it throughout your working life in the form of Payroll ...
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How do social security payments compare to investing the same amount of money in treasury bonds?

Social security tax is about 12% of income. The average income in 1950 was about 3k adjusted for inflation. If someone in 1950 worked a full career (30 to 65) and invested at a typical 10y treasury ...
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Can the derivatives market save social security?

My understanding of economics is that there are different investment possibilities for cash, versus a derivative based investment. I think that funds from social security are either used to pay out ...
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What is the real cost of unconditional basic income for germany compared to social spending

I would like to know if the idea of a basic income of 1000€ per person each month is more costly than the system we currently have in Germany and how much it would differ presumably. In Germany we ...
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Social Security and the impending default

Senior citizens are a very active political group. How long would the government have to be in default before social security payments are delayed.
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Would privatizing Social Security "solve" Occupy Wall Street?

The Democrats oppose privatizing Social Security because it wouldn't be fair to those who have already given money into the system. The Occupy Wall Street movement was founded on the rich having a ...
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What was the legal justification for H.R.2419 (protection of social security)?

As per "42 USC § 401 - Trust Funds": (h) Benefit payments Benefit payments required to be made under section 423 of this title, and benefit payments required to be made under subsection (b),...
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Do people who never paid FICA taxes get paid Social Security when they retire?

From @Chad's comment: It is how SSI works. There are some exceptions for people with disabilities where they receive money based on what they could have contributed, but yes you have to contribute ...
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Can Social Security in USA be funded outside of FICA taxes?

Social Security is primarily funded through dedicated payroll taxes called Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax (FICA). (src: Wikipedia) Is there anything in the law (or a court finding) that ...
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How does Social Security work in the United States?

There are political discussions in the United States regarding whether Social Security is maintainable over time. I want to know how the Social Security system works in United States, and what the ...
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