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Questions tagged [somaliland]

Questions about the Republic of Somaliland, an unrecognized sovereign state internationally considered to be part of Somalia.

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How broad was the rejection of the Ethiopia-Somaliland deal in the Somaliland parliament?

AA has a piece (from Feb) that says that legislators in the Somaliland parliament rejected the deal with Ethiopia (roughly a naval base for recognition): Lawmakers in Somalia's breakaway region of ...
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3 votes
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Do any countries formally recognize the "Isaaq genocide" as a genocide?

I'm curious what level of international recognition does the Isaaq genocide have. (Those were events during the Somaliland War of Independence.) Wikipedia doesn't say whether it's explicitly ...
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Have other countries said what they'd do if Ethiopia recognizes Somaliland's indepedence?

Reuters: Feb 23, 2024 Landlocked Ethiopia agreed a memorandum of understanding on Jan. 1 to lease 20 km (12 miles) of coastline in Somaliland - a territory that Somalia says it owns, even though the ...
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