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Questions related to a system where decision makers are randomly selected from a pool of all eligible candidates (such as jury selection)

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Are there prominent persons who expressed a believe that a government run by people chosen by sortition is more effective than a typical democracy?

Wikipedia's page on the history of sortition explained that some people believe that sortition solves the problems associated with representative democracies. Are there any scholars, politicians, ...
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Do citizens' assemblies "work"?

A citizen's assembly is a group of "random" yet representative individuals former with the aim to deliberate on a specific issue of national interest, listen to the view of a broad range of "relevant" ...
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Is there any region that considers to or already uses Demarchy?

According to this article, Demarchy is a form of statistical representative democracy which rely on collective intelligence: Improving on the age-old model of sortition democracy, by which the ...
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Is there any difference between demarchy and stochocracy?

According to the Wikipedia article on demarchy: Demarchy (or lottocracy) is a form of government in which the state is governed by randomly selected decision makers who have been selected by ...
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Do opinion polls constitute a way of indirect demarchy?

Opinion polls may influence politicians. As opinion polls are based on a random sample of citizens, does this influence constitute an indirect form of demarchy? In governance, sortition (also known ...
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What is the difference between sortition and demarchy?

What is the difference between demarchy and sortition? The Wikipedia article for demarchy: Demarchy (or lottocracy) is a form of government in which the state is governed by randomly selected ...
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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of sortition?

Ancient Athens, what is by many considered the first democracy, resorted extensively to sortition to assign its political offices. In modern times however the only place where this method of selection ...
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