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How do US and EU mitigate the risk of Chinese influence increasing in Russia following the recent sanctions?

China will not join the sanctions against Russia and a plethora of Western companies are leaving Russia. This creates some sort of "economical vacuum" which might increase Chinese ...
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How much of a threat is Al Qaeda in the 2020s?

I have been reading about al Qaeda and how support, even among extremists, for the terrorist group is waning and how they are losing recruits because they are failing to appeal to a younger generation ...
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Does the talent or luck of Egypt's political leaders explain why Egypt hasn't experienced a 1917 like the one experienced by the Russian Empire? [closed]

We will return to the question of the title, and it is the primary question, but I would like to begin the train of thought with a somewhat different question: Was it negligent for Jewish people to ...
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(Why) is Armenia's CEPA not perceived as threatening by Russia?

A CFR article/interview claims that Armenia's 2017 Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the EU is not perceived as threatening by Russia. If this is correct, it is a bit ...
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What influence does India have on Bangladesh? [closed]

In South Asia, India has clear influence on Nepal, and Bhutan. It won't be an exaggeration to say that India controls their affairs. India is also active in Afghanistan. Regarding Sri Lanka, India's ...
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