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Payments made by government to individuals to "stimulate" the economy during an economic downturn. Use with country tag.

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Issuing stimulus payment as credit card

The purpose of issuing stimulus money was twofold, the way I see it. First, to help out individuals having difficulty meeting their day to day needs during the pandemic. Second, to prop up the economy ...
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Why does the amount of stimulus checks depend on each person's income, not assets?

I read an article "A breakdown of the fiscal and monetary responses to the pandemic" and noticed most direct cash payments depended on each person's income, unemployment, or dependent family ...
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Are we going to have to pay back the government for the stimulus checks?

I've heard stories about the stimulus checks that the government is giving to the US people. I've heard that sometime in the future, the US citizens are going to have to pay the government back for ...
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Can an older bill be picked up and voted on by a new congress? [duplicate]

Before the new congress took over in January 2021; the House of Representatives passed a standalone bill to increase the $600 stimulus payments to $2000, by sending an additional $1400 to every ...
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Why is the IRS issuing some stimulus payments using a Debit card?

In the United States, as part of the second wave of coronavirus stimulus payments, the IRS said some payments will be sent as VISA debit cards issued by MetaBank. Wouldn't this be more complicated and ...
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How many people received stimulus (in the full amount) under the CARES act?

Looking at rules for he proposed new $600 stimulus checks passed by Congress (that Trump said is insufficient though), I see a lot of inclusion and exclusion criteria, e.g. Many students, for ...
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Do any Republicans support $2000 stimulus checks?

President Donald Trump today called on Congress to increase the direct checks in the stimulus bill from $600 to $2000. It appears that the House will attempt to bring the measure onto the floor. Do ...
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