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Questions tagged [strategic-ambiguity]

Strategic ambiguity is a government policy in international relations in which certain aspects are left vague on purpose.

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Why doesn't U.S. use "strategic ambiguity" on whether or not to send troops to Ukraine just like they do for the Taiwan situation?

United States has been using strategic ambiguity on Taiwan Strait issue by not clearly saying whether they would aid Taiwan with U.S. troops should Mainland China attack Taiwan, which intimidates ...
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Why would a state retaliate to a nuclear strike if the consequences could be human extinction?

The entire mutually-assured destruction (MAD) concept is based on game theory and mutual belief. Suppose we have two states (A and B) with massive nuclear arsenals which together suffice to plunge the ...
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Why would China not invade Taiwan given that the US did not send troops to Ukraine? What is different in these two geopolitical situations?

In February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine on account of "denazification and demilitarisation". In response to this, the United States and its allies did not send troops to fight in Ukraine (...
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How could the US benefit from replacing strategic ambiguity with the proposed "Dual Clarity Toward Taiwan"? In what ways constrained or foiled?

The 2022-03-22 Op-Ed piece US Should Abandon Strategic Ambiguity for ‘Dual Clarity’ Toward Taiwan is a letter by four academics which proposes a new "Dual Clarity" ...
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Does strategic ambiguity mean soft response?

Let's consider situations when country A wants to deter country B from doing some action (i.e. the USA wants to deter China from attacking Taiwan). Such situations can be modeled in the following way. ...
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