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Do any voting system models try to take "realistic" tactical voting into account?

In standard voting system models (see example), there are two types of voters: honest voters who always choose their preferred candidate(s) and tactical voters who try to maximize the expected weight ...
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Does Meek STV Incentivise Strategic Voting?

I have recently looked at the explanation of the Meek Single Transferable Vote method of elections, and it seems like it's a rather multi-step algorithm. Now, a major reason for STV systems seems to ...
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Why is tactical voting considered important given it seems to require such detailed information? [duplicate]

When voting systems are evaluated, tactical voting is considered a problem. I agree to the extent that an average voter has enough information to successfully tactically vote. For example, in a FPTP ...
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Is the Random Ballot method really strategy-free?

In the Random Ballot voting method, every voter writes down their favorite candidate, the ballots are shuffled, one is drawn, and whoever is on that ballot is the winner. This is said to be a ...
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Which UK polls//surveys provide information at a constituency-by-constituency level, for the upcoming EU elections in May 2019?

Coming as no surprise whatsoever, the 2019 EU elections will be an interesting event in the UK. Notable features seem to be: The election may act as a proxy vote on brexit, and on various parties' ...
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How do abstentions affect Majority Judgment voting?

In the examples of Majority Judgment on Wikipedia et al, every voter submits a rating of every candidate, conveniently making the vote bars equal width. What happens when that doesn't happen? In ...
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Is tactical voting a relatively new phenomenon?

I've only heard of people "tactically voting" -- whereby they don't vote for their first choice, but their nearest choice that contends with an incumbent or person/party they don't want -- ...
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10 votes
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How does STAR Voting compare with plain Score Voting?

I've been reading a lot about voting systems, and Score Voting seems like a pretty good system, but Equal Vote Coalition advocates STAR Voting (= "Score Then Automatic Runoff", previously SRV = "Score ...
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Consequences of hypothetical "cast one vote for OR against" system?

I've been reading about tactical voting - often it happens when a voter is more motivated to avoid one candidate than elect another. Tactical voting is considered a risk for many voting systems, or at ...
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Why is insincere/tactical/strategic voting considered undesirable?

In most of scholarly discussions about voting systems, the implication seems to be that one of the desired goals is to minimize/eliminate insincere/tactical/strategic voting: Tactical voting is ...
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