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Is there any country outside the EU that prohibits using artificial intelligence software for mass surveillance or ranking social behavior?

According to The Diplomat, China is already exporting its Social Credit System, or at least intending to: In 2020, China will conduct a feasibility run for social credit system in Kazakhstan, ...
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How many times has dragnet electronic surveillance stopped a terrorist attack [closed]

How many times has the pervasive electronic surveillance that we live under stopped a terrorist attack? This is considering that the reasoning repeatedly given for enforcing this policy is that ...
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Is there any way I request a copy of any of my phone calls the US government has recorded over the years?

We learned through the Snowden revelations that the United States government was surveilling nearly every person in the United States and in a handful of other countries via drag-net methods. I was ...
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What are the objectives of the TikTok ban?

Google collects temporal + location information of Android handsets by default and is only a subpoena away from US authorities. The current administration is concerned that China would be able to use ...
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What are the odds that the FBI/NSA/etc. is actually listening, or has listened, to any of the average American's private communications? [closed]

With 328.2 million people in the US population, I would imagine these government agencies wouldn't actually be dedicating their limited resources to spying on the typical American. Rather, they would ...
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Why isn't the Republic of Ireland a member of the Five Eyes Security Alliance?

I observe that Rep. Ireland is a notable absentee from the group, despite being one of our 'Anglo Mates', and sharing the same views regarding Global security. EU membership aside, why is this?
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What is the Wyden Amendment?

Recently I came across an article which appears to be discussing the Wyden Amendment to H. R. 6172 . The article makes it sound like this will allow enforcement agencies access to browsing data ...
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FBI and procedures to prevent unauthorized searches

I have read from an article that members of the FBI took advantage of a program called Section 702, which "granted FBI agents the ability to search a database of electronic intelligence, including ...
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Do any 2020 Democratic primary candidates support repealing the PATRIOT Act and eliminating mass surveillance in the United States?

Thinking back to how big of a scandal it was when President Obama signed the USA Freedom Act in 2015, and more generally how much flak Obama received with his handling of the 2013 surveillance ...
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What happened in the trials on "France's Watergate" on Mitterand's security wiretapping journalists etc.?

The Guardian reported in 2002: Twenty years after the event, the full truth of the scandal known as France's Watergate may finally come out following a decision this week to send for trial 12 men ...
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Has the NSA PRISM program ever actually caught a terrorist?

The stated defense for the practices of the NSA is the need to proactively seek out terrorist threats in the modern era of asymmetric warfare. Ignoring the complexities of a cost-benefit analysis of ...
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Is there an international consensus about Privacy vs Security (How Much Data Should We Collect?)

On the one hand, privacy gives people leeway for free thought, freedom of expression, and criticism without fear of personal consequences. On the other hand, security ensures the structural integrity ...
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Has the White House explained why President Trump connected the NSA data deletion to the Russia investigation?

The National Security Agency (NSA) just deleted all the phone call metadata it has collected since 2015, because it found that it inadvertently collected metadata that it wasn’t authorized to collect. ...
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Political distinction between Surveillance and Wiretapping?

In a recent comment Kdog alludes to: ...those guys that think electronic surveillance and wiretapping semantic differences are somehow important. In the US, is this distinction procedurally ...
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Searching for an explanation of the following Trump tweet about phone taps

Does anybody understand what Trump was referring to in the following 3/4/17 tweet: How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/...
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Why did Russia ban Telegram but not WhatsApp, given the latter uses end-to-end encryption by default?

Quite recently (in April), Telegram has been banned/blocked in Russia for refusal to give up encryption keys to Russian agencies. Telegram's defence was built around the fact that they don't even have ...
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What is the purpose of releasing the Nunes memo and the Schiff "counter-memo"?

Just recently, a memo created by Adam Schiff was released to the public, as a sort of rebuttal to another memo released earlier in the year by Devin Nunes. My interpretation of the Nunes memo alleges ...
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Why can't president Trump just ask the NSA for the emails that Hillary deleted?

Since we know that the NSA collects internet traffic and email, why can't president Trump just ask the NSA for a copy of Hillary's deleted emails? They weren't on an encrypted government system so ...
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GCHQ denying circumvention, or not?

In the recent blowup over the unverifiable allegation by a White House spokesman that GCHQ was spying on Trump before the election at the behest of the previous administration, the GCHQ issued a rare ...
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What are the benefits of mass surveillance on U.S. citizens?

In 2013, Reuters reported that the Snowden leaks reveal how the NSA has been giving information to a division of the DEA called the Special Operations Division. Apparently they've been using this ...
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Are there any rules/laws that would prevent 100% surveillance of Capitol/WH for transparency purposes?

Let's say someone as a voter is concerned with the level of corruption and lack of transparency in Washington, especially in Congress and White House. Obviously, there are many many different ...
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How do banks cooperate with the NSA?

It is well-known now, thank to Snowden's leaks of information, that major IT companies like Google and Microsoft are required to cooperate with the NSA on matters of national security. They do by ...
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Why is there a disparity between support for NSA surveillance among GOP Congressmen vs. the RNC?

As I discuss in my question here, in January 2014 the Republican National Committee unanimously passed "Resolution to Renounce the National Security Agency's Surveillance Program", referring to the ...
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What are my rights against NSA surveillance?

I hear some say that it is illegal for NSA to snoop on American citizens without a warrant. As a non American living outside USA, what rights do I have against surveillance by NSA?
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What kind of Information does the NSA and PRISM collect, and how do they collect it?

Today, It's not uncommon to hear about the NSA and PRISM, and how they've collected information in a controversial manner. The problem is, that most reports cite abstract "Information on Americans" ...
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