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Taiwan (officially named the Republic of China) is an island nation that is widely considered an independent nation, with its own democratic government. Mainland China, however, still claims it as its own territory.

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Are there any clues as to how China's leadership thinks about Russia's invasion of Ukraine as it relates to Taiwan?

I'm curious if there are any clues about how China's leadership is thinking about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, particularly it's occupation of the Russian-speaking west, as it relates to Taiwan. ...
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What is Jake Sullivan's policy on arming and supplying Taiwan?

I'd like to know what the current US National Security Advisor (Jake Sullivan)'s position on arming and supplying Taiwan is. The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), ...
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Territories claimed by the PRC but not the ROC

The Republic of China (ROC, often known simply as "Taiwan") and the People's Republic of China (PRC) both claim to be the sole legitimate government of all of China. But the two polities ...
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What is the role of Taiwanese semiconductor industry in Chinese and American policy regarding Taiwan?

Taiwanese semiconductor industry (especially TSMC) is extremly important and valuable on the global scale. Given this: Is it a major reason for Chinese interest in Taiwan? Considering possible ...
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Why did Wang 'William' Liqiang identify himself?

Wang 'William' Liqiang claims to be a Chinese spy who's defecting to Australia. In the world of spies, double agents, and triple agents, where intelligence agents go to great lengths to conceal what ...
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