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Questions relating to the government or politics of Texas, a state of the United States

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How close does the Texas law that bars most abortions after six weeks come to saying 'Defendants can't assert constitutionally protected rights?'

In the CNN video Toobin: This is the most important question a justice asked CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin shares his thoughts on the Supreme Court justices' questions as they hear oral ...
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What arguments have been made to support the Texas abortion law's private enforcement provisions, beyond evading review?

Texas Senate Bill 8, which practically bars abortions in the state, has an unusual* provision whereby civil claims against abortion providers can be asserted by private plaintiffs not involved in or ...
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Could Texas Democrats be punished for walking out?

The Texas Democrats in the Legislature chose to unite and leave the capitol. The decision was announced an hour before posting. Could Texas Democrats be held legally liable when they return?
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Can a US state opt to become a territory without leaving the nation as a whole?

This relates to an item legislated by the Texas republican party recently. Overlooking the more regressive and dangerous items, and the frivolous and inconsequential items, they are also throwing the ...
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What does the Texas Reliability Entity do exactly? Can it enforce NERC standards in Texas?

Following the 2005 EPAct, the NERC is authorized to set mandatory reliability standards for power companies subject to FERC's jurisdiction. Texas's ERCOT is itself not subject to FERC regs, but NERC ...
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What were the 2020 Presidential Results in TX-15 specifically?

I am interested in the 2020 presidential election by congressional district. I am particularly interested in the 15th district of Texas. This is a South Texas district where the Democrat won by 3 ...
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