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Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, best known for being President of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

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Did Trump ever state his opinion of Theodore Roosevelt?

An earlier answer pointed to the fact that Trump, seemingly, thinks America was great under President Theodore Roosevelt. Did Trump ever state his opinion of Theodore Roosevelt? Both as a personality, ...
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2 answers

Why is Theodore Roosevelt's time with the Rough Riders seen so positively?

As most historians have noted, Theodore Roosevelt did lead his soldiers into a trap and suffered the most causalities during the Battle of Las Guasimas and the Battle of San Juan Hill. It has been ...
9 votes
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What gave Theodore Roosevelt the authority to merge two requests for statehood into one?

According to the Wikipedia article for the Oklahoma Territory, Theodore Roosevelt chose to merge the requests for statehood of the Indian and Oklahoma Territories. The [Sequoyah Constitutional ...