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A political system that prohibits opposition parties, individual and group opposition to the state, and exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. It is the most extreme form of authoritarianism.

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41 votes
9 answers

What is the difference between totalitarianism and authoritarianism?

Both ideologies seem to have a dictatorship-like system of governance, no tolerance of dissenting opinions, and an executive which holds absolute power. What is the difference between these two ...
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2 answers

Why didn't the totalitarian parties in the 20th century use the "big tent" strategy?

I see that ‘big tent’ or ‘catch-all’ parties are quite popular in modern politics. However, the autocrats of the past took the opposite view: Before we can unite, and in order that we may unite, we ...
27 votes
7 answers

Do heavy human losses put pressure on an autocratic leader like Putin?

In democratic countries, there tends to be great aversion to loss of life from military operations, and there are checks and balances that ensure a displeased populace has some capacity to vote in ...
21 votes
6 answers

What are some examples of Ur-Fascist Newspeak?

I'm a big proponent of Umberto Eco's definition of Fascism that he gives in his essay Ur-Fascism; I find it really helps break down the very nebulous and poorly defined - but unmistakeable - concept ...
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2 answers

When does it become in an authoritarian ruler's interest for the country to become totalitarian?

There have been many totalitarian nations throughout history, such as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin's rule, China under Mao Zedong, Italy under Benito Mussolini, and the modern-day North ...
2 votes
1 answer

What did Ayn Rand mean by " men’s rejection of reason in favor of faith, and of self-interest in favor of self-sacrifice."?

Basically, this statement is included in one of her book in subject of reasons, how totalitarianism developed.
31 votes
12 answers

How do totalitarian governments communicate fear while also sending the message that they are the best governments?

How could these regimes send both a message of terror, and, one of "we are the best government on Earth"? A totalitarians regime like USSR or Nazi Germany would push hard for not letting criticism ...
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2 answers

Why was procedure so important under Stalin's regime?

In Nadezhas Mandelstams memoir of life under Stalin's totalitarian regime, she wrote: Procedure meant a great deal to our rulers, and the whole farrago of nonsense was meticulously committed to ...
3 votes
2 answers

Does wartime strengthen a totalitarian leader's power?

I remember in Orwell's 1984 it was suggested that constant war was used to benefit the regime in charge. Is this a realistic concept? Does wartime really improve the position of a totalitarian leader /...
1 vote
1 answer

Corruption, efficiency and economic success of the Chinese government

Chinese Government is accused of massive corruption, some critics say that the censorship does not allow the revelation of corruption in China. How did the Communist Party of China from 1976 onwards ...