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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed trade agreement between the USA and the European Union. The TTIP is highly controversial both in the USA and Europe.

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Is there anything special about TTIP?

TTIP receives a lot of criticism. But it is by far not the only free-trade agreement in the world. In fact our much acclaimed EU started as a free-trade agreement. E.g. people worry about the ...
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why do the EU and the USA keep the TTIP documents secret?

this article says The European Commission is making the secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal even more secret, introducing a new rule that means politicians can ...
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Finding the vote count for a Debate on TTIP in the EU parliament

I've been trying to find the exact vote count for the debate that took place yesterday on TTIP at the European Parliament but can't find it. I only found one count of 436 for and 216 against or ...
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How can international treaties like TTIP be secret and effective?

As you might know, TTIP is negotiated in secret. This is somewhat irritating, but there may be valid reasons (speaking as a citizen of one of the negotiators) to attempt secrecy during the ...
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Could the UK be re-drafted into the TTIP after a Brexit?

As this is the fundamental issue for deciding my vote and countless other people's, it would really great to get some clarity on the subject. A lot of people are saying that in the event of a "Brexit",...
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What are the regional legislative parliaments in the EU that can veto treaties such as CETA, TTIP, or (later) the Brexit agreement?

On 5 July 2016, the European Commission announced that the ratification of the CETA agreement between Canada and the EU will involve ratification by national parliaments. The German newspaper TAZ ...
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Do TTIP and CETA ratification in The Netherlands require primary legislation that can be subject to a consultative referendum?

In The Netherlands, the Wet raadgevend referendum (Advisory Referendum Act) states that most types of primary laws can be subjected to a suspensory, non-binding referendum if requested shortly after ...
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Could the foreign investor protection of TTIP lead to a migration of businesses to the other signatory party?

I am not familiar with the legal structure of the investor protection provisions foreseen in TTIP, but this is an idea that crossed my mind. These provisions basically give foreign businesses the ...
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How feasible would it be to revive transatlantic trade deals without the special court systems (ISDS)

One of the main controversies surrounding both transatlantic trade deals, TTIP between the USA and the European Union and CETA, between Canada and the European Union, is the ISDS clause. Why has no ...
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