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Questions relating to the government or politics of the Republic of Türkiye. Formerly and commonly known as Turkey.

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How do Turks and Arabs view each other?

There is usually quite a lot of bad blood between the former colonial powers and the former colonies - like between Russia and the former Soviet Republics or Soviet Block countries, between France and ...
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what was the fundamental reason that Erdogan had been able to defeat secularists in the country?

Secularists ruled Turkey for a long period of time. Why did they gradually lose control of Turkey's politics? What has been the root cause of their influence gradually waned?
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How did the electoral system work in late Ottoman empire and early Turkey?

I am reading about elections in the late Ottoman empire and early Turkey (1880-1935) and there always seemed to be these "secondary electors" elected by the people. These "secondary electors" then ...
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Has Turkey made any demands for the EU to meet so they keep the refugees?

Brief context Now lately, I have been watching the news, and the President of Turkey had a meeting in Brussels to negotiate further conditions with the NATO and EU. European Countries Stances... As ...
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How many Kurds have been killed, injured or incarcerated by Turkey in the last 20 years?

Turkey has waged a conflict with Kurds over their desire for independence for a while. Is it known (ideally from sources independent of Turkish government) how many Kurds were victims of this? By ...
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Why has Turkey attached the EU accession condition late?

Turkey could have attached the EU accession condition with Finish NATO membership. Why has it given Finland a free pass?
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