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Questions tagged [us-states]

Questions related to the individual states of the United States of America.

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Are US state political parties required to nominate the most popular candidates in their local primaries/caucases? [closed]

Do US state political parties have the freedom to arbitrarily decide which candidate ends up the nominee? Does that restriction/freedom hold at the national party level as well?
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States' check on federal government's power? [closed]

Where in the U.S. Constitution are states given the right to "check" a tyrannical federal government?
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How do US states decide whether to join a federal lawsuit?

I read on The states of California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and ...
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Is there any state-by-state data on approval for LBJ or the Vietnam War?

I cannot find any data on approval ratings for LBJ on a state by state level.
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What are the official sources of press releases and other announcements of the Federal and State governments of the US?

For example, in Ontario the government maintains an online newsroom, for distribution of all official press releases and announcements from the various branches of the provincial government. Although ...
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What power do politicians have in court cases?

What power do politicians have when it comes to court cases? For example, the Kyle Rittenhouse case is about to end, and some people believe that the judge in the case is biased against the ...
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Can an American state ban a (minor) political party?

Can an American state ban a political party? I am mostly envisioning this as "Democrats and Republicans agree to ban a minor party with really evil views," although the discussion of what ...
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What would it take for the District of Columbia to be made a state?

It seems the Biden administration supports the recognition of the District of Columbia as another US state. This raises the question of what will it take for this to happen? Obviously, such a state ...
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What are the limitations on the structure of a US state government?

Upon a quick scan of the U.S. Constitution, the only direct reference I find as to how state governments are to be structured is in article IV, section 4: "The United States shall guarantee to ...
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How can a state be removed from the United States without a Constitutional amendment? [closed]

Can a state be removed from the United States without an amendment or would they have to choose to leave?
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Is splitting states to rebalance the senate really a viable strategy for the Democratic party?

The US senate is frequently controlled by the Republican party because they have the support of many smaller population states, so that even if the Democratic party has more supporters overall, they ...
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Who would win the presidential elections in the US if electors are appointed by State legislatures along to party lines?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people may not be able to safely vote in-person and the GOP is generally against expanding mail-in voting because they assert it would make it easier to commit election ...
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Why is the Federal Government competing for medical supplies with the US States hit hardest by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and first responders have struggled with a lack of PPE, ventilators, and other essential medical supplies. The Federal Government has urged individual states to ...
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USA Map with State Legislature Districts

Is there a map with all state legislative voting districts? In other words, is there a single map which contains all of the districts which elect representatives to the lower state house, and a single ...
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For US Constitution amendments, does state legislature incl governor?

Per the US Constitution, states can pass amendments by first having 2/3rds of the states' legislatures propose the amendment, and then having 3/4ths of the states' legislatures ratify it. In this case,...
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Which states have the highest percentage of people who qualify for subsidies on the healthcare exchanges?

The Affordable Care Act allows for taxpayer funded subsidies to purchase health care plans on the exchanges. Households that make less than 400% of the federal poverty level qualify, about $46,000 for ...
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