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Questions tagged [vaccine]

Use for questions about political aspects of vaccines such as vaccine hesitancy, vaccine nationalism, laws requiring vaccines, and political influence on vaccine approvals.

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14 answers

Why is there so much reluctance to make the COVID vaccine mandatory for adults?

For all the talk on how its important for everyone to get vaccinated, not a single country has so far made the COVID vaccine mandatory for adults. Some states are making it mandatory for college ...
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6 answers

Can the federal government mandate vaccinations?

Would a federal vaccine mandate violate the rights of the states, or would it be within the scope of the federal government?
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29 votes
2 answers

What happened to the vaccine panels that were planned by Democratic leaders back in 2020?

Governor Inslee of Washington promised to create a panel of experts to review the safety of vaccines back in October 2020: Washington will be joining other western states to take steps to review the ...
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15 votes
6 answers

Is opposition to vaccination correlated with other political beliefs?

The article Debate over vaccine requirements forges strange alliance states that opposition to vaccination (or government-mandated vaccination) doesn't seem to be a Democrat versus Republican, or ...
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Why doesn't India mass-produce COVID-19 vaccines?

I read (mirror): [January 5, 2021] India has one of the largest vaccine manufacturing capacities in the world (including the largest vaccine producer - Serum Institute of India) and has secured ...
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4 answers

Libertarians and vaccines

This is yet another "How do Libertarians handle ______" question. It was inspired by this comment. Vaccines are effective for almost everyone who receives them, but not everyone is able to be ...
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Which governments have carried out programmes of forcible vaccination and when?

In 1904, some 16 years after the law abolishing slavery, the government of Brazil ordered "sanitary brigades" accompanied by police units to enter homes in Rio de Janeiro and vaccinate ...
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What's the (evidence) basis for calling Robert Kennedy Jr. a "fake anti-vaxxer"? [closed]

According to CNN Kennedy's campaign has been attacking Trump on his association with Fauci (more or less implying that Trump has been Fauci's puppet, as I understand--n.b. that seems to go hand in ...
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