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Questions tagged [vaccine]

Use for questions about political aspects of vaccines such as vaccine hesitancy, vaccine nationalism, laws requiring vaccines, and political influence on vaccine approvals.

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Are there statistics on how many people support or oppose vaccine mandates in the US by vaccination status?

Is there a fairly recent study showing how many people in the US support or oppose vaccine mandates broken down by vaccination status (how many vaccinated or unvaccinated people support or oppose ...
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Has Olaf Scholz made any comments about the proposed Covid-19 vaccines TRIPS waiver?

There have been calls for him to personally take a stance on the matter of the proposed TRIPS waiver for Covid-19 vaccines patents. The calls were in fact addressed to a few other potential future ...
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Is there any study that tries to quantify the impact of Russian government support for anti vaccination?

Recently, the Russian government threatened to ban YouTube if it does not reinstate two German-language channels backed by the Russian state that were deleted for violating Covid misinformation ...
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