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Questions relating to the government or politics of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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Oil sanctions "made the crisis in Venezuela worse for ordinary people, its existence is now its justification (and is) very hard to remove." Why so?

The NPR podcast and transcript As the price of gas goes up, can the U.S. turn to Venezuela for oil? features journalist and former New York Times Andes region bureau chief, and author of the book ...
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Who decides Venezuela annual budget nowadays when the presidency is being disputed since January 2019?

Since January 2019 the presidency of Venezuela is disputed with 57 countries recognizing Guaidó as president and the rest of the countries either supporting Maduro, the national assembly or being ...
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Are Venezuela's dismal finances the result of Maduro's mismanagement, the US sanction, or both? [duplicate]

Is the dismal financial situation of Venezuela because of Maduro's mismanagement or the US sanction or both?
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Why did the US dispossess an Iranian ship carrying natural gas to Venezuela?

I prefer the terms "filch" or "dispossess", not "seize", because: [a] "senior U.S. official told The Associated Press that no military force was used in the ...
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Why does South Africa support Nicolás Maduro?

After going through this article on Wikipedia I have learnt that South Africa supports Nicolás Maduro, while most African nations have made no statements and few have maintained neutrality. What is it ...
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Did US threaten Iran to prevent its tankers delivering oil to Venezuela?

Recently, Iranian tankers delivered oil to Venezuela - which is badly needed, while Venezuela is under US embargo and sanctions. In Iran that was claimed as victory. But were there any direct threats ...
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Why does Mexico support Maduro?

In this article, it says that Russia, China, and Cuba support Maduro, the de facto president of Venezuela that the US and legitimate allies are saying is not the real one. I can somewhat understand ...
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Is Juan Guaidó popular in Venezuela?

To me Nicolás Maduro seems to be a very poor leader. However, there's a lot of opposition to US intervention in Venezuela from groups like Code Pink,, Embassy Civilian Protection Collective, The ...
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Socialist elements in Venezuela

I know for a fact that Venezuela is or was socialist, but when ever I bring it up in a debate people just deny it and I can’t find any proof online that it was, they all just take it for granted. What ...
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Did Leopoldo Lopez take part in a coup against Hugo Chavez?

Leopoldo Lopez is currently in jail in Venezuela. He is considered to be a political opponent of Maduro, and his imprisonment is one of the main reasons why the 2018 Venezuelan elections were ...
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Maduro's disputed election as Venezuela president [duplicate]

What is the factual basis for Guaido and his supporters' claim that Maduro's election as president is not valid?
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Does international law allow for recognising a different government than the one having operational control?

Seven UN members and the EU recognise the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government/authority/interlocator of Syria. Around 50 states recognise the Guaidó interim presidency in Venezuela. ...
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What does the US have to gain by other countries not being socialist or communist?

With the current situation in Venezuela, it seems like the US is once again weighing in against a leader that is textbook socialist or communist that is also a dictator. I understand the hardships ...
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Are Russian, North Korean and other countries' show of strength aimed for a domestic or international audience?

I don't know if I'm asking this on a correct site but here it goes. I've noticed this trend on many occasions. Examples: recently Russia announced the start of production of new "superweapons" such as ...
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What is Maduro's approval among Venezuelan expatriates?

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has an approval rating of around 20% (e.g. this survey). These studies do have flaws, since some may not properly account for his support in the lowest-...
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What would be the repercussions if Venezuela defaulted on Russia's loan?

Recently the Russian Ministry of Finance stated it expects Venezuela to provide payments on time. Given the U.S. has imposed sanctions against Venezuela, would the economic influence on Venezuela ...
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How is Juan Guaido able to claim the Presidency of Venezuela without an election?

In the last few weeks, Juan Guaido, the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, has been increasingly referring to himself as the legitimate President, as opposed to Nicholas Maduro who held dubious ...
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Did the US encourage the 2002 military coup against Chavez?

I have a problem. I'm trying to understand the crisis in Venezuela at the moment, and I've seen many videos on Youtube which purport to explain it correctly. Many videos make starkly opposite claims, ...
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What sort of assistance has Russia provided to back up Venezuelan leaders during previous periods of instability?

A report has come out today that Russia has sent military contractors to help the security of Maduro's regime amidst the current rancor. (source) Is this in line with assistance it has provided during ...
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Why do Russia, China and Cuba support the Maduro government in Venezuela?

According to Washington Post, Russia, China and Cuba back up Maduro in leading Venezuela: Backed by Russia, China and Cuba, Maduro has ordered the arrest, torture and exile of scores of ...
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Is Venezuela an example of socialism?

I've been hearing a lot about Venezuela in the news lately. And it seems there is a big debate over whether it was socialism or not, or whether it was implemented properly. Is it safe to assume that ...
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How different have the various constitutions of Venezuela been?

From this answer to a related question, I have learned that Venezuela has had 27 Constitutions. As an American, who have only had one (or two, if you count the Articles of Confederation) this seems ...
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How democratic was Venezuela when Hugo Chavez was elected?

How democratic was Venezuela when Hugo Chavez was elected? Freedom of speech? Level of corruption? Rule of law?
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Why has Venezuela's economy collapsed when Cuba's has not?

Cuba and Venezuela seem to share a lot in common. Both are effectively Socialist dictatorships. Cuba's government has been Communist for many years, while Venezuela has been socialist for much less. ...
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What are the arguments to say that there is a non-democratic government in Venezuela?

After the recent presidential elections in Venezuela on May 20th, despite lots of international and neutral observers, most media keep saying that the elections were corrupted. Besides, most media ...
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Why would Venezuela refuse international aid?

According to the NY Times: President Nicolás Maduro has acknowledged that people are hungry in Venezuela, but he has refused to accept international aid, often saying that Venezuela’s economic ...
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Why haven't the embargos against Cuba and Venezuela worked?

Cuba is under a US-sanction from 1958. Why hasn't this sanction been able to do much damage to Cuba's communist regime? What about Venezuela?
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is the USA afraid of Venezuela? [closed]

According to Wikipedia: Venezuela has the largest oil reserves, and the eighth largest natural gas reserves in the world, and consistently ranks among the top ten world crude oil producers. ...
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Where is all the Venezuelan oil money?

I followed the news on Venezuela during the last few months and I find it disturbing to what degree the crisis has grown by now. I am wondering what political and/or economical reasons are behind the ...
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Venezuela: why rewrite the Constitution?

In Amid protests, Venezuelan president calls for new constitution: May 1 (UPI) -- His country beset by hyper-inflation and wracked by violent protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called ...
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To what extent is it valid to say Chavez government is right-wing?

This occurred three years ago. Someone told me that a movement named Zeitgeist, which is allegedly based on Ron Paul's ideology, was a right wing movement. Almost immediately after, the same person ...
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Why does Guyana let international companies explore resources in territory reclaimed by Venezuela?

From what I know, one of the major issues between Guyana and Venezuela is that the Guyanese government has started negotiations with Exxon-Mobil to drill and produce oil in disputed territory, as you ...
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Why does Venezuela have such high inflation?

Background: In late 2013, Venezuela's inflation rates increased even higher, to 54.3%, As of January 2014, the official exchange rate is 1 USD to 6.3 VEF while the black market exchange rate is ...
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Was Hugo Chavez's regime an actual "Bolivarian" revolution?

Hugo Chavez claimed that his government was "Bolivarian" Wiki sayeth: The “Bolivarian Revolution” refers to a leftist social movement and political process in Venezuela led by Venezuelan president ...
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How is socialism in Latin America different from Bolviarian socialism led by Chavez?

As title says, how is socialism in Latin America generally different from Bolivarian socialism led by Hugo Chavez? I heard that there were many differences, so I wonder if anyone can answer this.
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What are the constitutional options for the presidency of Venezuela?

In Venezuela exist a big uncertainty about what will happen with the health of the president Hugo Chávez, the problem is that the old-term presidency finishes at 10-January and it's possible that the ...