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Latin for "I forbid"; is the power to unilaterally stop an official action, especially the enactment of legislation.

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Why don't British kings and queens veto laws? [duplicate]

I've learned from Wikipedia that the British king or queen has the right to veto laws, but they don't use the right. Why is that? Is it because of tradition, respect for democracy, some regulations or ...
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Can't congress override Trump's assumed veto of the temporary spending bill?

The senate unanimously passed a spending bill a few days ago to keep the government funded until mid-February. Trump stated that he will veto it because it doesn't include funding for a wall. There is ...
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Have the US and Russia (or USSR before it) co-vetoed a UN resolution before today?

In an interesting development today regarding the latest Turkish operation in northern Syria. The U.N. Security Council failed to agree on a statement on Turkey's counterterrorism operation in Syria ...
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Can the permanent members of the UN Security Council also veto UN General Assembly resolutions?

I have always thought that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council can veto any UN resolution. Reading the UN Charter more carefully, the veto power seems to be restricted only to UN ...
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When is a 60% majority required in US Congress?

I wonder when a 60% majority is required in the US Senate. As I write this I see in the news that Obamacare can be "repealed and replaced" with only a 50% majority because it is in a "reconciliation ...
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Was any UN Security Council vote triple-vetoed?

It's reasonably well known that some UN Security Council resolutions were vetoed by two permanent members. Recent examples include Russia and China jointly vetoing resolutions on Syria and on ...
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2 answers

Which country benefited the most from UN Security Council vetoes?

By "benefited", I mean avoided any sort of negative decision that could have been made by the UN Security Council if a permanent member didn't use their veto, such as being condemned, ...
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What happens if there's a veto on the European Union budget?

Recently Hungary and Poland vetoed (or formally just threaten to use a veto) on the EU budget (see for example here). What happens in 2021 if there's no accepted budget? The referred article mentions ...
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Was a Czech president ever successful in having a legislation proposal dropped after his veto or threat thereof?

The Czech constitution gives the President a veto power on legislation, but this can be overridden by 50% (+1 I assume) of the absolute number of parliamentarians, which may be slightly difficult in ...
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