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Questions tagged [vice-president]

Questions related to the vice president of a state, the role of vice president is generally a high executive position.

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Did a Vice President ever cast a tie-breaking vote against his own party?

The Vice President is theoretically allowed to vote according to his own conscience, just as all other members of the Congress. But did a situation ever occur where the Vice President cast a tie-...
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Pence as president? [duplicate]

If it turns out that trump was elected due to collusion with Russia, does that mean that it was actually a Clinton win due to cheating in the trump camp? And if so, can v.p. pence then be president (...
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What exactly happened during Reagan's invocation of the 25th Amendment?

I was reading the Wikipedia article on the 25th Amendment when I came across this confusing paragraph (I bolded the sections of interest): Fielding and White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan ...
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Can a United States President nominate a blood relative as Vice President?

The current U.S President has heaped a great amount of praise on his daughter Ivanka Trump, calling her one of his best and closest advisers. To shake things up in 2020, is it possible Trump could ...
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What is the role of the Vice-President in Turkey?

The constitutional amendments approved by the April 2017 referendum allow President Erdoğan to appoint one or more Vice-Presidents. Who is eligible for the role, and what will their duties be?
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Can the vice president of the United States be fired?

Does the vice-president serve at the discretion of the president, such that he or she can be removed from office at the president's will?
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6 votes
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Does a succeeding President select a new VP during succession?

There is a clearly documented Order of Succession that is followed when the current President is incapacitated. This has been the subject of Films and TV Shows. What normally happens in these ...
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14 votes
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If the VP were to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the President as unfit for office, would acting secretaries be able to consent?

The 25th Amendment says that the Vice-President, in conjunction with half of the fifteen executive department heads, can declare the President unfit to discharge his duties. Presently only two of the ...
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Was Mike Pence Vice President to Obama for a few minutes?

Mike Pence took his oath a few minutes before Donald Trump did. During those few minutes, was he Vice President to President Obama?
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How many terms can a former vice-president president serve?

If a president were to be unable to serve, with the vice-president becoming president, how many terms would they be able to run/serve for? Say the president is unable to serve 2 years into their ...
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What will happen to 'Nathan Johnson' in the 2016 presidential election?

Evan McMullin is on the ballot with Nathan Johnson though his vice-presidential running mate is Mindy Finn. His campaign said that it's a placeholder. Since the deadline has passed to change, he's ...
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Multiple/ Changing running mate in US presidential election

Would a presidential candidate be able to change his/her running mate after ballot papers have been printed? For example, Independent Candidate Evan McMullin placed "Nathan Johnson" from California ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Would it be possible to "flip the ticket" in American Presidential politics?

In 1988, I supported Michael Dukakis for President. After he lost the second debate to Bush, I wondered if it might be possible for him to salvage his campaign by "flipping the ticket," allowing his ...
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If a governor or senator is chosen as a running mate (VP) to a president candidate, and that candidate loses, what happens?

If a governor or senator is chosen as a running mate (VP) to a president candidate, and that candidate loses, do they go back to their post as governor or senator?
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16 votes
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Why and how is the Vice President elected in U.S?

Why is the Vice President elected in the US? Why isn't he chosen by the President like any other secretary? Is there any important reason why the writers of the Constitution made that choice? How is ...
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