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Questions relating to postal voting.

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Is there a higher incidence of electoral fraud in states that use all-mail voting?

Currently Oregon, Washington and Colorado use all-mail voting, with Hawaii set to join them in 2020. Is there a higher incidence of election fraud in these States compared to US States that lack no-...
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What fact-based arguments exist that mail-in voting would lead to significantly higher instances of US voter fraud?

There seems to be a consensus among prominent news sources that mail-in voting does not significantly increase the likelihood of fraud. The BBC: "A voter fraud database collated by Arizona State ...
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18 votes
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Is there any mechanism in USA to prevent someone from voting by mail AND in person?

Theoretically speaking, there are mechanisms that prevent someone from voting twice (you are only allocated to vote to one polling place based on your residence address, and that polling place has a ...
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Why are Democrats more likely to vote by mail than Republicans?

What reason explains why Democrats are more likely to mail in their ballots?
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Why did postal voting favour Joe Biden so much?

In the recent US presidential election, there were several states which looked almost certain wins for Donald Trump until the postal votes were counted, after which there was a huge swing towards Joe ...
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Why don't all States switch to all postal voting?

Currently four states: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington run all their elections exclusively by mail. This seems to have the significant advantage of allowing people to vote at any time they ...
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Would mail-in voting disproportionately help Republicans?

I would expect that restricting voting to mail-in votes would result in larger proportions of older, more established voters voting compared to younger, less organized voters, some of whom do not even ...
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What happens if not all ballots cast by mail arrive in time to be counted for the November elections?

I know this is a worst-case scenario, but the fact is that these three issues will happen concurrently during election season: Louis Dejoy, the new postmaster general and a major donor of Trump, has ...
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