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Questions about procedures or eligibility to qualify for voting. Use with tags when necessary to identify a country, subnational division or other jurisdiction.

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Is anything preventing non-US citizens from illegally registering to vote in non-Voter-ID states? [duplicate]

Let's say a non-US citizen (legal or illegal immigrant) is resident in the US and has a valid postal address in a state without "Voter ID" laws. Would anything prevent such a person from registering ...
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Why are people asked for their party affiliation when registering to vote in the United States?

From a recent article about the pipe bombing suspect: Sayoc’s voter registration in Florida lists him as a Republican, according to state records. He registered in March 2016. I thought this was a ...
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Who can, in the US, challenge the registration of a voter?

According to this article, many (predominantly black) voters were purged of the right to vote after mail delivered to their adress bounced, with the NAACP suing against this : The lawsuit charges ...
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Voter registration fraud: how is citizenship checked?

This question is motivated by the recent discussions about "voter fraud" and "rigged election" in the media. I am not asking about the extent of actual voter fraud, but about how ...
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Do poor people, people of color, and elderly have difficulty in obtaining ID in the US?

As mentioned here and here a commonly listed argument regarding voter ID's is the decreased ownership and/or difficulty in obtaining among the poor, people of color, and elderly. A similar question ...
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Does it cost $25 to obtain a "free" Voter ID in any state?

This article at seems to indicate that getting a free Voter ID in a state can cost as much as $25. Voting law advocates contend these laws disproportionately affect elderly, minority and ...
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Registering for a midterm election as a US citizen abroad (never-resident)

Can a US citizen who has never lived in the US, register for voting in a midterm election? If so, can this citizen pick any state for voting registration? Do any states make this process particularly ...
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How unique is the US system of publicly registering with a political party?

Short version Does any country apart from the USA have a voter registry that includes an option to register with a specific party? Long version In the United States, when people register to vote, ...
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As a dual EU citizen, which country should I vote in for european elections?

I am a dual EU citizen (which countries is irrelevant here, but both full EU members) and am wondering which of my two countries I should register to vote in for the next European Parliament Elections,...
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Is the UK unusual in not requiring identification to vote?

When one votes in the UK, all that is asked of you at the polling station is your name and address, which is then checked against a list to ensure that you are registered and eligible to vote. There ...
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Can the effect of US voter ID and registration laws on fraud be compared state-to-state?

From what an outsider can understand of the contentious voter id and registration debates in the USA these are the arguments: Democrats: "Voter ID and registration laws are just another tool to ...
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Demographic with greatest difficulty in maintaining current US Voter ID?

In the US, for persons eligible, the relative costs or feasibility of obtaining, (or if necessary, maintaining), some current valid form of Voter ID varies by situation or condition. Particularly ...
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