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Are restrictive voting laws really likely to significantly affect the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections?

I look at this map and don't see a big problem with those voter suppression laws. It's mostly red states that would hardly be flipped by the Democrats anyway (besides, it's midterms so the sitting ...
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2 answers

4th Circuit court: North Carolina laws "targeted blacks with almost surgical precision" after "they got rid of preclearance after Shelby County"?

In CNN's Lindsey Graham picks side in Trump vs. McConnell divide (cued at 01:51) after a clip of US Senate Majority Whip Richard Durben said in reference to President Biden's speech about voting ...
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74 votes
6 answers

Do poor people, people of color, and elderly have difficulty in obtaining ID in the US?

As mentioned here and here a commonly listed argument regarding voter ID's is the decreased ownership and/or difficulty in obtaining among the poor, people of color, and elderly. A similar question ...
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40 votes
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How do the Republicans' recent laws make it harder for Democratic voters to vote?

I read this BBC article, but it's not totally clear for me why the recent voting rights laws passed in more than a dozen Republican-controlled state legislatures affect the Democratic base, but not ...
6 votes
1 answer

Is it illegal for US states to make it more difficult to vote and attempting to target a political group?

The US attorney general is preparing to sue state of Georgia as of writing. The goal of these voting laws, activists say, is to reduce Democratic turnout after Democrats won the state's electoral ...
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5 answers

Is Baltimore unfair to Republican voters?

Context: K Dog commented: You should see what Baltimore has done to exclude GOP voters Question: What, if anything, has Baltimore done to exclude Republican voters? If the exclusion involves ...
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