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Use for questions related to the percentage or number of eligible voters who participate in an election or other democratic process.

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Is there evidence that the Republican Party leadership wants fewer people to vote?

I want to know about whether or not many high profile Republicans want fewer eligible Americans to vote because they believe it could help them win more elections. An example that makes me suggest ...
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In first-past-the-post/winner-takes-all elections, is turnout higher in marginal seats / swing states?

US Presidential elections are indirect: the people vote for an electoral college and the electoral college votes for the President. States assign electors in a winner-takes-all manner (either state-...
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U.S. voter turnout and political party

Does low voter turnout favor the Republican Party? Historically is there a causal relationship between turnout and political affiliation?
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What was the lowest recorded turnout in a major democratic election? [duplicate]

In the latest EU parliament elections only 13% of voters in Slovakia showed up to vote. This raised the question - which major democratic election had the lowest turnout in history? To clarify: ...
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Why don't poor people vote in the United States?

According to this article wealthy Americans' vote turnout is significantly higher than that of lower income ones: Socio-economic status: Wealthy Americans vote at much higher rates than those of ...
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Why would people protest the Puerto Rico statehood referendum by boycotting?

I was confused by the logic of the Puerto Rico boycott of the statehood referendum. While it's true that 97% voted for statehood, that represents a paltry 23% of the residents in total From the NY ...
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Why is the voter turnout at EU level so low compared to national elections?

The voter turnout in the European elections in Germany in 2019 for instance was only around 62%. Notable this is still much higher than it was in previous EU elections there… Additionally the voter ...
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