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Use for questions related to the percentage or number of eligible voters who participate in an election or other democratic process.

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What fraction of U.S. voters actually do due diligence in voting for positions such as comptrollers?

For instance, the New York City Comptroller is elected. I’m honestly surprised that even such positions involve public elections. Is there data on what fraction of voters actually participate to vote ...
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Primary voter turnout and partisan breakdown for voters under 30 in 2022?

In American politics, the most engaged voters are generally the ones that vote in primaries, the elections that choose who goes on the ballot in the general election. Polling shows Democrats won about ...
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Do high turnouts help more liberal politicians?

People often say that Donald Trump won the US election because the turnout was low, and that the Tories' victory in June will depend on a potentially low turnout. However, is it actually true that a ...
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Why did the turnout rise so much in the governor's elections in some states?

I have seen that in the 2018 midterms, the turnout rose from the elections in 2014. Though the increase was across the board, some governor's races had higher increases than the national increase from ...
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