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Questions tagged [voter-turnout]

Use for questions related to the percentage or number of eligible voters who participate in an election or other democratic process.

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3 answers

Can compulsory voting increase the quality of a non-dictatorial republic democracy?

This is somehow a followup of this answer about vote meaningfulness. According to this article, "Overall, people living in countries with more liberal policies reported higher life satisfaction than ...
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In first-past-the-post/winner-takes-all elections, is turnout higher in marginal seats / swing states?

US Presidential elections are indirect: the people vote for an electoral college and the electoral college votes for the President. States assign electors in a winner-takes-all manner (either state-...
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What prompted the high turnout in presidential elections from 1840-1896?

After reading about the recent election and hearing that the voter turnout was somewhat lower than in the last two cycles, I went and found this page from UCSB, that listed voter turnout percentages ...
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3 answers

How do the Iowa caucuses differ from other elections in voter behavior?

The Iowa caucuses are of course different than other primaries and elections. Democratic ballots are not secret. However, the time costs are greater. A lot of research on voter participation mentions ...
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Are partisans more likely to vote if they believe there will be higher turnout among the opposing party?

Empirically, if you tell those from Party A that the turnout among those from Party B will be quite high, does that tend to motivate higher turnout or otherwise change voting attitudes? I am having ...
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3 answers

Approaches to increase the voter turnout

Over the last 40 years, voter turnout has been steadily declining in the established democracies. This trend has been significant in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and Latin America. It has ...
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Has "none of the above" ever been added to a ballot? What was the effect?

Besides, Nevada, in United States, having the option to vote none of the above (NOTA) are there any other places in the world that allow for voters to tick NOTA? If this is the case, are there any ...
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2 answers

Does the two-party system influence engagement?

In the last US elections, the voting turnout was approximately 57.5% (Bipartisan Research Center). Over the last few decades, it has been shifting between 50 and 60 percent. This is in stark contrast ...
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