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Questions tagged [voting-systems]

For questions about rule systems for scoring votes. Not for questions about country-specific rules or practices but for the theory and practice of voting systems. Examples include proportional-representation and first-past-the-post.

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Is this variant of STV used anywhere else?

In the rules of a political party in my (U.S.) state, a procedure for intra-party elections in which multiple positions are to be filled is described which is clearly a variant of the single ...
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Has an electoral ceiling ever been implemented or proposed?

The concept of electoral threshold is well established. What about the upper limit though? I mean a reduction of possible party/block power grasp to say 40% and transferring power to smaller players. ...
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Do freedom-of-information laws increase corruption?

That's the general conclusion of a 2007 study: It has been argued that greater transparency is needed to reduce corruption. One way of increasing transparency is through the adoption of Freedom ...
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Are there any organizations or political movements in the US that promote Borda Count Ranked Voting?

After researching Borda Count Ranked Voting I realized that this voting system is something that I really support. I then researched organizations, political movements, and influential politicians ...
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In open-list systems, how do individual candidates promote themselves while being a team player?

In open-list systems, political candidates are expected to promote their party platform while simultaneously advocate for a personal mandate so they can rise higher on the list. This might create a ...
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