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How well informed are the Russian public about the recent Wagner mutiny?

The recent mutiny by the Wagner Group, controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin played out in real-time on TV around the world. The Russian people will have watched Putin's statement about the mutiny but how ...
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Is there any African country that actively express disagreement or resistance against Wagner?

Besides, Wagner’s principal sell in Africa has become its praetorian guard service for authoritarian regimes as well as elected governments — like in the Central African Republic (CAR). There, Wagner ...
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How does Prigozhin justify the war in Ukraine?

The Kremlin’s narrative for the war against Ukraine has essentially been: the West has been trying to increase their dominance in the region, Zelenskyy is backed by the West, and Ukraine in its then ...
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Does Russia still need Prigozhin to manage and lead Wagner? [closed]

According to the Financial Times, the Wagner Group does not exist as a single incorporated entity, but instead as a "sprawling network of interacting companies with varying degrees of proximity ...
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What is the motivation for the merceneries to join Prigozhin's Wagner PMC? [closed]

I read that Wagner PMC recruits criminals from Russian prisons to fight in Ukraine and pays as much as US$14,000 monthly. However, they have no or minimal training in combat and are practically being ...
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