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Questions relating to the politics of Wales, including Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales.

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Why is Prince Charles the 'Prince of Wales' and could Wales theoretically reject this?

I don't understand why Prince Charles is called the Prince of Wales. From what I can find online, it seems it's a tradition for English monarchs to give their heir the title "Prince of Wales.&...
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8 votes
2 answers

What happens in the event of a tie in the Welsh Senedd?

The results of the recent UK elections have confirmed the continuation of a Labour government in the Senedd, winning 30 out of 60 seats. This is one seat short of a majority, so what happens in the ...
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7 votes
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Are Members of Scottish and Welsh Parliaments called "Honourable"?

Members of Parliament in the House of Commons are referred to as "Honourable" or "Right Honourable". I understand why some members are Honourable and others Right Honourable. Does ...
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With Law-making powers what are the arguments for and against a Bicameral Welsh Parliament

The Welsh Parliament (currently National Assembly for Wales) / Senedd Cymru (currently Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru) currently has law-making powers covering the areas of devolved responsibility what ...
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Does the National Assembly for Wales have to vote on the "Great Repeal Bill"?

We're aware by now that the Scottish Parliament will have to have its own vote on the "Great Repeal Bill" Given that the reason behind Scotland having to vote on this independently seems to be based ...
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What are the rules for filling community councillor vacancies in Wales?

When a community councillor resigns from a community council in Wales, what are the rules and requirements for filling that vacancy? I know sometimes a by-election is held and sometimes new ...
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