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How to know if increases in self-reported marijuana usage are real?

Let's take Colorado for example. Considering the prior existence of penalties for marijuana use, it is reasonable to expect that people may have been less inclined to admit their marijuana usage prior ...
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Why were marijuana restrictions implemented in the 1970s more successful in South Korea than in the United States?

In the debates over drug regulation, there is typically one side which argues the government should ban and restrict use of property that is harmful or has high risk of being harmful. They may cite ...
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After stopping production of opium, how does Afghanistan's government plan to offset the lost inflow of money going forward?

Thought some of the sources it cites are ten years old or more, Wikipedia's Afghanistan; Economy; Agriculture says Agricultural production is the backbone of Afghanistan's economy and has ...
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What are the few things thought to be bad if the Taliban is ruling Afghanistan excluding deprivation of women rights? [closed]

What are the few things thought to be bad if the Taliban is ruling Afghanistan excluding deprivation of women rights? Let's not consider historical aspects. They have agreed to not support any ...
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Does DEA operate in Haiti?

The assassins of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse announced via megaphone “DEA operation. Everybody stand down. DEA operation. Everybody back up, stand down.” (Source: The Hill) I think they would ...
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What is the status of drug decriminalization in Indonesia? This says Regarding the optimization of IPWL, the Head of BNN said that in ...
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What are efficient approaches to counter drug trafficking?

I recently heard that for a City/State it might be better to educate people and help them get away from drugs rather than fighting the drug dealers with more and more police force. Based on the ...
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Why can't the U.S. stop drug production in Afghanistan?

Since the U.S. invasion in 2001 opium fields have grown rapidly. Why has the U.S. not done anything about it? In previous times the U.S. rather successfully suppressed traffic in Latin America. But in ...
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Is the War on Drugs a declared war?

Wikipedia says: ”However, two years prior to this, Nixon had formally declared a "war on drugs" that would be directed toward eradication, interdiction, and incarceration.” I understand that only ...
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Is there any evidence that Filipino president Duterte's war on drugs has been successful?

Is there any evidence to suggest that the war on drugs in the Philippines by president Duterte has proven to be successful, with regards to the reduction of drug-related crimes?
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