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Questions tagged [water]

Questions about water within or bordering a country. Use with a country tag. For waters outside every country, see [international-waters].

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6 answers

Why can't the UK water companies go bankrupt?

There is a New Statesman podcast that gives an answer to the question in the title. Why, instead of the tax payer taking on the ~£16 billion that the owners have saddled Thames Water with, are they ...
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Is the Federal government (Bureau of Reclamation etc.) legally required to provide any compensation if it diverts a river [in Western US]?

Does the Federal government have to provide any legal compensation for proprietors downstream of a river whose waters are largely diverted? Any notable examples when such compensation was provided? E....
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Which politicians are driving residential lawn bans in California?

Governor Newsom instituted a lawn ban on commercial properties. A few months later, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California proposed once-per-week irrigation rules, which, if enforced, ...
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How does California define essential agriculture?

Conservationists are proposing to categorize water end-use according to whether or not it is essential. What makes it politically (and economically) interesting is that non-essential water use could ...
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What is the intent of urban irrigation restrictions in California? [closed]

I apologize for the blue box above. It is being discussed here.   California is considering restricting the days of the week on which lawns may be watered. What is the upside that could make up for ...
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Has California considered reimbursement for reclaimable water runoff?

California could likely save a lot of water by subsidizing desired water products instead of the water itself. However, this is difficult to implement because transferring water diverts reclaimable ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Has California considered replacing water subsidies with direct agricultural subsidies?

In California, farmers get access to cheap water that they have to use for farming or else they lose all rights to it. There appear to be two political reasons for this: to encourage agriculture, and ...
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Desalination in Southern California, U.S.A [closed]

California is going through a drought. However, there is a lot of water, salt water, to the west. My understanding is that Santa Catalina Island, west of Southern California, has a desalination plant ...
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Why can water not be transferred within California?

Water transfer requires government approval. And the government does not approve it. For example, in 2022, 337,564 AF1 was requested and 0 AF was granted. Given that politicians talk about reducing ...
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14 votes
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Can countries use cross-border rivers to pressure neighbouring countries?

For example, can Sudan block/divert the Nile to exert political pressure on Egypt? (The Nile is a major river that flows through Sudan into Egypt.) I can't find any results via Google on this. The ...
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Is there an international law in regards to the ownership of a river that is located in multiple countries?

Apologies for my previous question, it might have been built on a wrong belief, which I hope will be clarified by answers to this question. Few years ago, when the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia ...
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Is fluoridation practiced in the Palestinian territories?

Recently, Israel has stopped fluoridation of water. Does the Gaza strip or the West Bank have fluoridation of water?
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Do Japanese governments support fluoridation?

Do Japanese governments support fluoridation? Wikipedia's article on fluoridation states that less than 1% of Japan receives water fluoridation. However, not all countries supply fluoride via water. ...
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What is the customary international law of transboundary fresh waters?

I have a question concerning "water sharing between two countries that share a common river": What is the country water percentage from which the river flows, is the percentage typically higher ...
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