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Questions about government procurement or use of weapons for military purposes

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Who supplies Saudi Arabia with weapons?

More than 140 people were killed and over 525 wounded on Saturday, by a Saudi Arabian airstrike on a funeral. (See nytimes, rt, theguardian, and foxnews.) The questions are: Who supplies Saudi ...
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What evidence did the Bush administration have that Iraq stored WMD in 2002?

The U.S. and its allies have justified the Iraq war, among other things, by citing the danger of weapons of mass destruction. According to wikipedia (emphasis mine) the U.S. stated that the intent ...
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Isn't sending weapons to Ukraine an escalation?

As the title asks, isn't sending weapons to Ukraine an escalation in the war? Perhaps, due to this not being a 'declared war' or an 'invasion' (from the Russian pov), so sending weapons to Ukraine isn'...
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Why would Russia supply a NATO country with S400 Missiles batteries?

Yesterday, Sergei Chemezov, head of Russian state conglomerate Rostec, announced that Russia will supply four S-400 missile batteries for $2.5 billion to Turkey. This seems bizarre for a number of ...
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Why are chemical weapons such a big deal?

Trump seemed to be a big supporter of the current Syrian regime up until the recent chemical weapons attack. But why are chemical weapons such a big deal? What's the difference between killing 100 ...
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Which country made the drones Azerbaijan uses against Armenia?

In the last two days, I am seeing Azerbaijan is effectively using drones against Armenia. Which country made these drones?
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Why won't China or Russia modernize North Korea's army by selling them modern military equipment?

North Korea's uses many outdated tanks, mostly T-62s, or based on T-62s, many of which would be expected to be ineffective against the more modern Abrams tank. The S-400 missile system is the best ...
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Are the US strikes in Syria backed by international treaties against the use of chemical weapons?

The Syrian government has various treaties against the possession and use of chemical weapons. Say (as seems likely) that recent chemical attacks in Syria were undertaken by the government. Would any ...
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What's the public opinion in the US and the UK on selling weapons to Saudi-Arabia?

The US and the UK are major weapon suppliers to Saudi-Arabia. We see that these weapons are used to kill innocent people in Yemen (and maybe in other countries by Al-Qaeda). But as Philipp's answer ...
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Why is the world silent on the alleged use of phosphorus in Aleppo?

Ok I can understand that Russia has the Veto power but still there is not even a word of condemnation on use of White Phosphorus by Russia on the innocent civilians in Aleppo. (Worthy note that White ...
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Why is India purchasing S-400 rather than the US made missiles?

Purchasing Russian missiles have risks of inviting US sanctions. Since India is officially a US ally, Why is India purchasing S-400 rather than the US-made missiles (Patriot or David's Sling or THAAD)?...
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What are the reasons for buying weapon systems from other countries?

I was wondering, when reading about Turkey being about to buy a S-400 defense system from Russia, how could they even consider that being an option. I get that global alliances went a bit obscured ...
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UNSC resolution does not ban Su-30 fighter jet sales to Iran: Russia

Russia says UNSC resolution does not ban Su-30 fighter jet sales to Iran, But US Department of State Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Thomas Shannon, claimed that under the resolution, such ...
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