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Questions about the Westminster system of government or ones comparing implementations of the system by different parliamentary governments

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Is regular Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) something unique to the Westminster system?

I've noticed that Prime Ministers in Westminster systems (i.e. United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) are expected to answer questions in Parliament on a regular basis. This ...
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In Westminster systems that are not Australian is the term “Dorothy Dixer” known?

In Australia, during questions without notice (the equivalent of PMQ), the softball questions from the government backbenchers to the PM (or other ministers) are called a Dorothy Dixer. Is this term ...
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To what extent do precedents in Westminster systems apply in other countries that use it?

There is currently discussion in the UK about the possibility of a future Prime Minister proroguing Parliament in order to prevent it from frustrating their vision of Brexit. A big part of the ...
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Opposition members in cabinet

After the recent collapse of government and appointment of a new Premier in British Columbia, it was suggested by MLA Andrew Weaver that — as he was not a member of the governing party — he could not ...
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Has a party that won an election ever lost its leader in the process?

In a Parliamentary democracy, general elections appoint constituency representatives. Most such appointees are members of parties with internally determined leaders. One or more parties then form a ...
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In a Westminster system, why would the PM voluntarily dissolve a majority government?

My understanding of the Westminster system is as follows: In a general election, the voters elect MPs to one or both houses of Parliament. The head of state appoints a Prime Minister who holds the ...
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Has there ever been a situation in a modern Westminster parliament where there have been more independents than members of the second largest party?

Has there ever been a situation where a modern Westminster parliament (national/federal/state/provincial) has ended up with more independent lower house MPs than MPs belonging to the second-largest ...
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