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Activities of party officials to ensure party discipline in a legislature, especially related to how party members should vote.

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Who exactly has the authority to expel members from the Conservative Party?

Today William Wragg MP made remarks in Parliament in which he undertook to vote in line with a three-line whip on a vote described as a confidence motion in the Government. The reason he gave – for ...
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What exactly is a whip?

Wikipedia states that they ensure that members of the party vote according to the party platform, rather than according to their own individual ideology or the will of their donors or constituents. ...
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What is the fastest that an MP has broken a three-line whip?

Traditionally, newly elected MPs are considered less likely to rebel against their party whip; something that Ros Taylor from LSE describes as a combination of the 'coattails effect', inexperience, ...
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Has a former Prime Minister ever broken a three-line whip before?

On July 13th, 2021, MPs voted against returning the budget for international aid to 0.7% after it was cut to 0.5% in the November Spending Review. Notably, several Conservative MPs voted against the ...
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Are voters in the US generally aware of how and when their congressional representatives are being whipped?

I'm aware that in each house of the US congress there is a majority and minority whip tasked with, as far as I can tell from Wikipedia, voting as they are told rather than how they would choose to ...
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Is there a country with a bipartisan Parliament formed in a proportional election?

An idea of a bipartisan Parliament formed in a proportional election seems quite interesting to me. On one hand, in a proportional system, we vote for a party, knowing which ideas it would go forward ...
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Whips in India and democracy

The parliament of India enacted the Anti-Defection Law in 1985. The stated purpose was STATEMENT OF OBJECTS AND REASONS The evil of political defections has been a matter of national concern. If it ...
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Why is an MP required to comply with a Three Line Whip?

We already have a question about why MPs are required to comply with party whips in general. But I would like to know why is an MP required to comply with a Three Line Whip in particular. I've just ...
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How uncommon is a Three Line Whip

As someone who only follows UK politics tangentially, this week was the first time that I heard the term Three Line Whip in the context of the Article 50 vote. Some googling gave me an idea of what is ...
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How do Whips enforce control over MPs in the UK Parliament?

Whips are often used to 'persuade' MPs in their party to vote the way the Party wishes them to vote. What power, or powers, do Whips have over backbench MPs to enforce this wish?
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