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Questions tagged [wisconsin]

Questions related to the US state of Wisconsin.

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What exactly happens in a ballot recount (Wisconsin for example)?

I am intrigued by the mechanism of ballot recounts. In Wisconsin, for example, this NPR article quotes a spokesperson, Murtaugh, who claims that some ballots in Milwaukee County had been "cured&...
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5 answers

Why did Wisconsin Republicans oppose postponing the April 7th election despite COVID-19 shutting down nearly all polling places?

After last minute, party-line decisions by the US and Wisconsin Supreme Courts, Wisconsin will hold their presidential primary and a hotly-contested Supreme Court election tomorrow (April 7th) despite ...
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How did ending collective bargaining affect health plan costs in Wisconsin after Act 10?

I don't understand the relationship between Wisconsin's Act 10's collective bargaining and health plan costs. In his book, "Unintimidated", former Governor Scott Walker claims several times that this ...
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