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Questions related to the politics or government regarding the Republic of Zimbabwe.

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Why did the EU and USA really impose sanctions on Zimbabwe?

The EU and USA first imposed economic sanctions against Zimbabwe in 2002. After that these sanctions have been renewed on a regular basis. What was the root cause of these sanctions? What is the ...
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What does Zimbabwe need to do to become a colony again?

I am a Zimbabwean and I believe that the only way my country can move out of the economic mess we are in is not through politics. But simply giving away the country to anyone/any country that may be ...
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What are the main policy differences between Emmerson Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe?

Most of the reporting around recent events in Zimbabwe merely notes the high notes (military deposed Mugabe, seemingly mostly to prevent his wife Grace from succeeding him as a ruler, presumably in ...
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What is the geostrategic reason for Zimbabwe to keep Cluster Munitions legal?

On 4/Nov/2015, during a recent UNGA voting on banning Cluster Munitions, the opinion was mutual amongst 130 states. Only two world's superpowers voted against: Zimbabwe and Russia. Next, action was ...
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Why hasn't Robert Mugabe ordered the death of all remaining European-descended Zimbabweans?

Robert Mugabe has basically become a pariah dictator in his country of Zimbabwe. There is now distrust, hostility, and complete separation between him and Europe. His actions over the past decade ...
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