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The right of a Jewish state to exist for the explicit reason that the Jewish people have a right to exist.

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Which Western countries have officially recognized the Palestinian Nakba?

According to Wikipedia: Zionism is a nationalist movement that emerged in the 19th century to enable the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine, a region roughly corresponding ...
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How do anti-zionists define zionism and zionists?

Social media is full of people decrying the evils of zionism and zionists. But I had always understood zionism to mean the Jewish wish for a homeland. This clearly isn't what the anti-zionists mean by ...
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Has any elected Jewish politician of Israel expressed support for a single state solution while or before elected?

I was doing research on a single-state solution, and found the Balad (the Arab Party) expressed support for a single-state solution, and was subsequently banned for "acts against Israel as a ...
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How prevalent is profound criticism of Israel among Israelis?

A June 2023 piece in Jewish Currents discusses a number of polls which measure the extent of criticism of Israel's existence and/or its relation to Palestine within the Jewish population of the United ...
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The Origins of the Political Identity of Contemporary Palestinian Arabs [closed]

Pursuant to a question about the philosophy of Zionism and its position on the political and cultural identity of the Palestinians, it has been claimed that the Palestinian identity is a recent ...
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What is the relationship between Zionism and contemporary Israel and its politics? [closed]

Pursuant to a political philosophy question regarding the views of Gilles Deleuze on Philosophy SE here: How is the 'central fiction' of Zionism to be understood politically?, it bears worth asking ...
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Is criticism of Zionism legitimate or inherently anti-semitic? [closed]

Personally I have no problem with the idea of self determination for any ethnic or religious group, especially one that has suffered such historical persecution as Jewish people. But the problem is ...
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Anti Zionism vs Pro-Zionism vs Non-Zionism

I have been trying to read and understand Non-Zionism, but i did not get that much out of Wikipedia. In wiki it is mentioned: Non-Zionism is the political stance of Jews who "were [or are] willing ...
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What is the name of the Feminist Zionist Atheist woman who was interviewed on BBC on June 15th 2018? [closed]

Was able to listen to the last moments of an interview on a BBC radio program on June 15th shortly before midnight with a woman who identified herself as a "Jewish atheist" while describing how ...
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Why do some lecturers consider Israel to be an "apartheid" country?

The Israeli Apartheid Week lecture series is hosted annually in several universities and institutions in the U.S., and all over the world. The lecturers classify Israel as an "apartheid" ...
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