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Are calls for book burnings usually made directly or indirectly?

It has happened from time to time that an emerging dictatorship would whip its followers into a frenzy to burn books. If one were to ignore the unethical part of it, it makes sense from a purely pragmatic stand. In order to exercise excessive power over people, it's important to make sure they don't have ready access to alternative ideas and treat all sources of such ideas with suspicion.

What I am curious about (and to my surprise and embarrassment I just realized that I don't know this) is how have these types of calls have been made in the recent history (100-150 years). Do the nascent tyrants demand that their loyalists orchestrate book burning as a show of loyalty? Do they simply suggest that certain books are undesirable and smile with content as mobs whip themselves into frenzy purging what the "wise" leader would see purged?

There are a number of accounts of how mobs behave once they are there -- they are ready to burn books and other sources of undesirable thought.

But I don't recall anyone describing how the leaders of those mobs direct the actions of the mobs towards the book burning.