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Questions relating to the government or the politics of the State of Israel.

I ran acorss a piece of news in a couple of Israeli russian language news sites, which seemed to boil down to a fact that someone in Israel sued either Finance Ministry, or Finance Minister Kahlon …
asked May 16 '18 by user4012
" == "independent". And that "independent" == "fully objective and truthful". Neither of those assumptions are guaranteed. Most likely "independent" party would be the UN (which is extremely anti-Israel, for a … would an independent investigator be able to prove that someone that Israel alleges was a Hamas militant, was indeed that, if Hamas claims they were a civilian? It's not like they have uniforms, dog …
answered Apr 15 '18 by user4012
-Israel than current one. Even Obama's clear pro-Palestinian-less-pro-Israel swing failed to bring any progress in their willingness to negotiate; so there's no harm in the swing in the opposite direction … national charter officially states as its goals of destruction of Israel and denies Israel's right to exist as well (articles 19, 20, 21, 22). Here's #19: The partition of Palestine in 1947 and the …
answered Dec 10 '17 by user4012
First of all, it's not even remotely "Apartheid" country. If you compare treatement of Palestinians in Israel to treatment of any other minorities in many other countries, you'll notice that … into that. They see/hear "Israel destroyd an Arab's home". What they DON'T hear was that said arab committed an act of terrorism - the home was destroyed because of than and not because of Arabness …
answered Jul 10 '14 by user4012
what is both modern Israel and what is modern Palestinian Authority territory (As far as the latter, for example, Gush Etzion and Hevron, had Jewish communities that had existed for thousands of years …
answered Oct 8 '14 by user4012
) has nothing to do with "Israel" since it's a private fund, not a government institution (and owns only 13% of total land). The only controversy is over whether said private entity could be forced by … the state to choose who it sells the land it owns to. On a side note, while Israel has no legal limitations on sale of land to Arabs, many Arab states have legal limitations on selling land to Jews …
answered Apr 12 '13 by user4012
Israelis dislike Soros. It's not merely the currently-flared-up issue of Soros's support for illegal aliens that Netanyahu's government wants to remove from Israel and Soros actively works against … removal of. It's general extensive support for NGOs and other organizations seen as undermining Israel, including anti-semitic ones (see the article for details). This Bloomberg article "A Soros Plan …
answered Aug 13 '18 by user4012
Israel was an early election (and likely that includes the only PM election that was on date separate from Knesset). So my original impression which led to the question being asked was 110% correct, in … completely unusual state of things for Israel :) Total ration of early elections for different periods is: | Period | % early | ==================== | 1996-2013 | 100% | | 1965-1992 | 25 …
answered Mar 22 '13 by user4012
There are reports that Israel's government is planning to change electoral barrier 3.25% to 2%. Theoretically, this could siphon influence from larger parties to smaller splinter parties (the example …
asked Oct 23 '17 by user4012
oppose that of ultra-orthodox parties. Wikipedia lists them supporting the following: Civil marriage in Israel, including for same-sex couples Increased state funding for non-Orthodox Jewish …
answered Nov 4 '18 by user4012
If the question is "is there bias", the answer is crystal clear. As you can see on that infographics, there is a steady stream of resolutions condemning Israel... for things that many other … countries are doing that are either 100% same or MUCH worse, but who aren't condemned much or at all. Yes, Israel occupied a territory as a result of winning a war. So have Russia/USSR (Kunisberg, some …
answered May 30 '14 by user4012
It seems (perhaps just an impression) that there are more Knesset elections in Israel lately which happen ahead of schedule than ones that happen when they are supposed to. Is that a correct …
asked Mar 22 '13 by user4012
Obama's, to put it mildly, not-very-supportive-of-Israel position is one of them. Trump is positioning himself as a leader of Republicans in general, as all presidents do of both parties. In case of … Republicans, support for Israel in general, and Jerusalem embassy move, are a very popular position, strongly reinforced by evangelical views. So, this issue is a point scored by him as far as shoring up …
answered Jan 11 '17 by user4012
Minister Moshe Ya'alon said in April 2010 that "just as Arabs live in Israel, so, too, should Jews be able to live in Palestine." … "If we are talking about coexistence and peace, why the [Palestinian … ] insistence that the territory they receive be ethnically cleansed of Jews?".[50] Populated-Area Exchange Plan (Lieberman plan) a territorial exchange whereby Israel would annex almost all Israeli …
answered Dec 27 '16 by user4012
ambulances, to outright deliberately assembling children near a rocket launch points so Israel can't bomb the rockets, as this video shows: … Question: Has there been ANY official condemnation (from UN, any other international organization, or any government aside from Israel or USA/Canada) of Hamas specifically for the use of children and other civilians as human shields, which violates both Geneva convention and any form of human decency? …
asked Jul 18 '14 by user4012

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