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Questions relating to the government or the politics of the State of Israel.

Your premises are incorrect. The UN considered Israel a legitimate country because it was established on the basis of a UN resolution. Israel did not invade the land, the Israelis bought most of … the land they settled. They did not kill most of the population, if they were to have done so we would not have today the Palestinian refugee situation, the 20% Arab citizens of Israel, and the several millions in Gaza and in the West Bank. …
answered Jan 18 '18 by Jonathan Rosenne
Neither before nor during. The president's tweets and press conferences do not constitute a formal recognition. The state department has published a map U.S. Relations With Israel which says … : The United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017 without taking a position on the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty. As such it is rather amorphous and not explicit. …
answered Jan 18 '18 by Jonathan Rosenne
to be replaced by permanent peace treaties, but these intentions were never realized. After the six day war Israel became the de facto authority in the West bank and in Gaza. Later Israel gave up de …
answered Apr 20 '18 by Jonathan Rosenne