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For questions regarding Britain's exit from the European Union, popularly termed 'Brexit'. Use with the [united-kingdom] and [european-union] tags, depending on which parties your question refers to.

The other answers rightfully analyse the political aspect of the question, but let's not forget that more fundamentally it would have been a denial of democracy to postpone the process indefinitely wi …
answered Dec 17 '18 by Erwan
From the UK government's perspective, what would constitute a bad deal on Brexit? In hindsight (18 months after this question was asked), it is striking that May's government has refused to … compromise between the opposing tendencies of her own party, that is between the so-called "hard" and "soft" Brexit options. Her goal was certainly to propose a deal which satisfies both sides so that …
answered Nov 29 '18 by Erwan
writing some letter announcing that EU tariff agreements will no longer be honored? They could just leave the house indeed [hard Brexit]. The youngest sibling just wants this, but the oldest one realizes …
answered Mar 24 by Erwan
Would someone who understands the "seamless technology" being proposed for Ireland, please explain whether it could be applied to Scotland, London etc - with an invisible electronic border around t …
answered Dec 28 '18 by Erwan
/nigel-farage-brexit-news-latest-vote-no-deal-second-referendum-theresa-may-date-leave-uk at 2019 Jan 14. "Mr Farage told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff a fresh vote could "kill off" the Remain campaign … -politics-42649214, at 2018 Jan 11. "Nigel Farage has told Sky News he would not vote or campaign in a second Brexit referendum if the choice was between Theresa May's deal or Remain." https …
answered Mar 1 by Erwan
border issue, leading to a terrible lack preparation on the UK side. The irreconcilable views inside the Conservative Party over what Brexit actually means. The former lead Theresa May's government … consensual deal anyway. The latter lead Theresa May to adopt a "fog of war" strategy, illustrated by her (in)famous quote: "Brexit means Brexit". By keeping everyone in the dark about the details of …
answered Mar 29 by Erwan
Even if both parties had been on the same page, the scope and the far-reaching impact of the withdrawal agreement make such a deal extremely complex to negotiate. Additionally it was the very first ti …
answered Nov 25 '18 by Erwan
EU accepting, this would be a heroic victory for him anyway) He appears as someone who doesn't compromise the interests of the UK, brave enough to take the risk of a hard Brexit. He probably wants to … representative for the Brexit negotiations and insisted that the UK should deal with them and not with individual countries. So even if he really intended to re-negotiate, Boris Johnson would have no reason to visit every EU country. …
answered Aug 21 by Erwan
Hard-Brexiteers would like the UK to have a "clean break" with the EU, and in particular they don't want any part of the UK to stay even temporarily in the customs union (the so-called backstop). Thi …
asked Apr 9 by Erwan
, taking back control of the UK borders to limit immigration is a major outcome of Brexit. Still, they don't seem concerned about leaving the Irish border open, even though it could become a major point … , but after Brexit direct trade between the EU and Ireland is likely to increase (since it won't go through the UK anymore), with more opportunities for migrants to try to hide in the lorries going to …
asked Apr 10 by Erwan